A board farm fence built by ARK Fencing
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Farm Fence

Are you looking for farm fence options to contain your livestock? ARK Fencing offers many options to choose from. From goats, cows, horses and even elk, deer and bison, ARK Fencing offers something for everyone and all of your livestock and game needs. There’s no job too big or small.

What separates ARK Fencing from the rest of the competition is not only our experience and dedication to superior service to our customers but our promise to provide the highest quality materials without breaking your budget. This means that our materials aren’t something you can just pick up from a big box store, like the other fence contractors. Our materials come straight from the manufacturer and are specific for your project and need. Since every project is different, this provides our customers with the best options, and solutions to their fencing needs.

ARK Fencing started out installing farm fence, and quite frankly, it’s our specialty. Over the years we’ve not only grown in size but have also learned how to perfect the way we install fence, which includes staying up to date on the latest, greatest and most efficient techniques. We’ve earned the trust of hundreds of farmers across the tri-state area, with over 84% of those being repeat customers. ARK Fencing has learned what works and doesn’t, so why not let us work for you!

Farm Fencing Types

We offer numerous different types of agricultural fencing to choose from depending on your needs.

High Tensile Fence

High tensile farm fence installed by ARK Fencing

High tensile fence is great fence for bison, elk, or deer. This fence is a great option for large animal livestock to ensure they can't jump over. There are many options for this type of fence including making it electrified, but depending on the purpose and animals it doesn't have to be. A.R.K Fencing recommends this type of fence to be electrified to ensure animals are kept inside when raising wildlife animals.

Woven Wire Fence

Woven wire farm fence installed by ARK Fencing

Woven wire is one of the safest and most reliable fences for livestock. This fence is a great solution for keeping livestock in and unwanted animals out. Our woven wire isn’t your run of the mill farm store wire either! There’s strength in numbers and you won’t find a stronger wire than the 12.5 gauge woven wire that we offer. We only offer the highest quality wire to provide the longest lasting option for our customers and is sure to stay looking new for years to come. 

We offer several post options to use with woven wire, such as wooden posts, fiberglass posts as well as a schedule 40 steel posts. The great thing about our post options, is that they can be painted for extra curb appeal.

Barbed Wire Fence

Barbed wire game fence installed in the woods by ARK Fencing

If you’re looking for a great perimeter fence, or just need something to help keep trespassers out, barbed wire fence is a great option. The sharpness of the barbs and the wire spacing also ensures that predators such as bobcats and coyotes can’t climb over it. Our innovative wire tying techniques help prevent wire sag as well as wires from coming undone at the post.

Board Fence

Board farming fence installed by ARK Fencing

If you are looking for something with that added eye appeal, board fence may be a great option for you. Board fence has been the go-to fence for equine enthusiasts for many years due to the endless options that it offers. Corrals, catch pens, dry lots, and more can also be built to suit the needs of your operation. Be sure to check out some of our completed board fence project pictures for ideas.

Did you also know that a good-looking fence can add value to your property too? Be the envy of the neighborhood with a black painted board fence; not only will your horses love it, but you will too!

Hotcote Fence

White hotcote farm fencing

Hotcote wire fence is great for all types of livestock and a great replacement for high tensile fencing for horses. Hotcote wire is high tensile covered with a white or black plastic coating which prevents animals from getting cut by the wire. Hotcote still provides the same options of being electrified or non-electrified, like high tensile, but with the added option of the color coated wire, it’ll be sure to add some curb appeal to your farm. Pair this wire with any of our fence post options (wooden, fiberglass or steel posts) and you will have a great looking fence that will be sure to keep anything in.

C Channel Fence

C-Channel Fence installed by ARK Fencing

This versatile fence option is almost endless! C Channel is a fiberglass fence that will stand the test of time. It’s a great low/no maintenance option so there’s no need for painting or staining and makes a great fence for cows and horses. C Channel can also be used to build those catch pens, paddocks, corrals, and arenas. C Channel can be four, five or six rails high depending on the height you need. One great thing about a C Channel fence installed by A.R.K. Fencing, is that this is one of the strongest and heaviest fences that we build.

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