A board farm fence built by ARK Fencing

About A.R.K. Fencing

To us, it's all about family.

George is a small-town guy with big dreams for his family, his wife and two daughters. George founded the business, located in Southern Indiana, over 17 years ago with little knowledge and even less money. The business was originally run out of the basement of his home with no real place to put any large tools or equipment. Through lots of hard work and dedication, ARK Fencing’s size, knowledge, and ability has more than tripled. Now still located on the family property, ARK Fencing has over 8000 square feet of shop floor. 

ARK Fencing now offers a large array of options to meet all the needs of their growing customer base, with better products, and more refined techniques for installation. George and his crew continually attend shows and conferences to learn the latest and greatest practices for installation and product availability. In 2019, George and crew competed against other contractors in a fence building competition and took home awards that proved A.R.K. Fencing to be the fastest fence installers in the area. Fast doesn’t come at the price of quality either! ARK Fencing has a proven record of continuous quality workmanship and their reviews say it all. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, quality and fast service. There is no one else around that compares to ARK Fencing.  

ARK Fencing offers a wide variety of fencing materials and styles. There truly is a fence out there for every customer. Fence post options are fiberglass, wooden, vinyl, or steel. Fence types include fiberglass board, wooden rail, wooden privacy, wooden board, vinyl rail, barb wire, high tensile (electric or nonelectric), hot cote (electric), chain link, woven wire, and more. If you are not interested in any of these but find a fence product somewhere else or even a picture - let us know and we can probably get that for you! Fencing isn’t just for animals; we also offer fence for kids and neighbors too. If you are unsure as to which fence would be your best option, give George a call and he will recommend which fence will work best for your specific need. 

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