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Southern Indiana Fence Repairs

Having a fence is like having a long-term relationship.

While it looks pretty and solid as a rock in the beginning, over the next few years, it will need some light TLC - a few minor repairs here, some fresh paint there - to keep it sturdy and strong. Once in a while, your fence could even undergo some serious damage. The straight-line winds from Indiana’s seasonal severe thunderstorms might snap your fence post, or a tree might fall across it and bring the whole thing down.

But just because it seems like it’s falling apart, it doesn’t mean it’s over for your fence. You just need to call ARK Fencing LLC, your trusted source for conducting fence repairs on residential, commercial, and agricultural fencing in southern Indiana.

Repairs For Any Type Of Fencing

People in Indiana have fencing for all kinds of reasons: to increase privacy for their home or business, to provide security, to create curbside appeal, to demarcate property lines, and even to corral animals. Each one requires a unique type of fencing.

At ARK Fencing, one of our many services is repairing the wide range of fences that we install for our clients. Regardless of the type of fence you have or what you’re using it for, when it starts looking a little worse for the wear, we can fix it.

Some of the fences that we are experts at both installing and repairing include fiberglass board, wooden rail, wooden privacy, wooden board, vinyl rail, barbed wire, high tensile wire (both electric or non-electric), hotcote, chain link, woven wire, and more. If your fence doesn’t fit neatly in any of those categories, don’t worry! We’ll still find a way to help.

Repairs For Any Level Of Damage

No matter what type of fencing you have or what purpose it serves, you can bet it’s going to need repairing at some point.

It’s perfectly normal for fences to need light maintenance repairs every few months or every couple of years. Even the most durable fencing material will show signs of wear and tear as it’s continuously exposed to sunlight and moisture.

In some cases, though, an accident may occur that tears a hole in your fencing or even knocks part of it down. The culprit could be the wind, a vehicle, an animal, or even flooding.

Whether the damage is large or small, you shouldn’t let a good fence go to waste. High quality fencing is a significant investment, and you can protect that investment by calling in a dependable fencing company like ARK Fencing to repair it as needed. From light maintenance to replacing whole sections of fencing, we can fix any type of damage to your fence that you may come across.

Repairs By A Professional Fence Repair Company

When people need their fences repaired, they often make the mistake of going the cheapest route first. They hire a company that makes all sorts of promises and charges a low price, but in the end, they leave the fence looking just as bad - or worse - than it was when they first arrived. Now, the owner of the fence has to hire another company to come out and fix the mistakes the first one left behind.

How do you avoid this inconvenient and irritating scenario? By hiring a professional fence repair company, like ARK Fencing, from the outset.

Unlike those cheap, unreliable companies, ARK Fencing has been in business for 17 years. In all that time, with all the clients we’ve served across southern Indiana, we’ve seen all sorts of fence damage. And we’ve fixed it every single time, using the highest quality equipment and materials, so that by the end of the day, it looks as fresh, clean, and new as the day it was first installed.

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