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Wire Fence

Do you need wire fencing for farming or other agricultural applications? ARK Fencing is your top source for installing and repairing high quality wire fence in southern Indiana! The wire we use meets higher ASTM standards than the big box hardware stores, which makes it the stronger and more durable choice. Plus, when you work with us, you get our 17 years of experience and an entire team of expert fence installers.

Types Of Wire Fence

Not all fencing companies offer the type of wire fence you’re looking for. At ARK Fencing, we provide installation and repairs for many different types, including:

Barbed Wire Fence

Barbed wire fences are made of wire that has sharp little protrusions, or barbs, along the length of it. They’re great for marking the edge of a piece of land and keeping large animals like cows in their pasture.

High Tensile Fence

High tensile wire fences are made of strong, durable wire that can be electrified. The electricity keeps large animals like cows, horses, or alpacas in their pasture.

High tensile wire is one of the most cost-effective options for wire fencing, and not just because it secures animals in their pasture or pen. Once installed, it can last for decades. You may only have to call us occasionally to adjust the tension of the wires or to replace a fence post.

Woven Wire Fencing

Woven wire fencing is fencing constructed of wires woven together in a grid-like pattern. The benefit of this type is it can keep out animals of all sizes, not just large ones. This means you can protect your land from rodents and other pests that will eat your crops.

Hotcote Fence Wire

Hotcote fence wire is high-tensile wire with a plastic coating. The plastic coating is safer for animals and won’t cut them if they draw near to it. Like regular high-tensile wire, hotcote can also be electrified.

Uses For Wire Fence

Wondering if a wire fence is the right fencing to install for you? Here are some common uses that people use barbed, high tensile, woven, and hotcote wire fences for.

1. Secure Large Animals In Their Pen Or Pasture

Wire fencing, either electrified or barbed, will secure your cows, horses, and any other large animals in their pen or their pasture. It will prevent them from getting loose and hurting themselves or damaging someone else’s property.

2. Keep Large Predators Off Your Property

Coyotes and other large predators may come near your property to hunt your livestock and other farm animals. You can keep them away with properly installed wire fences.

3. Keep Rodents And Small Animals Away

If you grow crops or even just a small garden, wire fences made with woven wire can help keep rodents and small animals out of it.

4. Deter Trespassers

Wire fences, especially barbed and electrified ones, are clear signs to any would-be trespassers that they are not welcome on that part of your property. They will certainly deter people from entering your land from anywhere except the gate.

Wire Fence By A Professional Fencing Company

Installing and repairing wire fences is a big job, and not one to be taken lightly. Your security and the security of your farm animals and other agricultural operations depend on it. That’s why contacting a professional fence company, like ARK Fencing, should always be your first step.

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