November 30, 2022

Top Fence Trends of 2023

Welcome to our round up of the top fence trends of 2023! This coming year, we’re seeing lots of exciting trends that will impact both fence companies and property owners. For example, we’re seeing a new fencing material -- black woven wire -- hit the market, as well as a desire among consumers for cheaper, lower maintenance fences. At the same time, the demand for more privacy and security is up, so that will also impact the types of fences that people install in 2023. Finally, fence companies in the Southern region of the United States are expected to be busier than ever. Read on to find out why as we take a peek into the future of fencing.

Backyard with tan vinyl fence installed around it with a tree and falling leaves in the foreground during Indiana autumn.

Board-On-Board Fences Will Become More Common as More People Seek Privacy

Going into 2023, owners of residential properties are prioritizing privacy. As a result, they’re looking to install a type of fence that will protect their yards and their families from prying eyes. That’s why we expect to see a jump in demand for board-on-board fences.

A board-on-board fence is a type of vertical wood fencing in which the boards overlap one another. This configuration effectively eliminates the gaps that you normally see between pickets in a traditional vertical fence.

When a professional fence company is installing a board-on-board fence, they will first erect a row of 6-inch-wide pickets with a gap of 1 ½ inches between each of them. When this layer is complete, they will add a row of 4-inch pickets on top of the first one to cover the gaps.

The effect is, not surprisingly, a completely obstructed view of your yard. This allows you to achieve ultimate privacy from strangers as well as nosy neighbors. If they want to see into your yard, they will have to look over your board-on-board fence rather than through it, which is much more obvious and makes them easier to spot.

Dog Panel Fencing Is on The Rise

Another trend that’s on the rise (for a completely different reason than the board-on-board fence) is dog panel fencing.

What’s “dog panel fencing”,” you may ask? Well, we call it that because there’s been a high volume of interest in it in recent months, mainly by dog owners.

A dog panel fence consists of a board fence that has been reinforced with wire panels. The wire keeps animals, such as pet dogs, in their yard. It’s effective, not too expensive, and more aesthetically pleasing than a typical agriculture fence. Whether your animal is a dog or a cow, a “dog panel fence” will keep them corralled.

Black Woven Wire Is the Newest, Most Popular Kid on The Block

One visual trend to look out for in 2023 is black woven wire fences. This is because black woven wire is a new product that just recently introduced to the supply chain in bulk a few months ago.

We’ve seen customers ask for this material with either black-painted wooden fence posts or black fiberglass fence posts. The resulting look is modern, clean, and edgy. It’s not as harsh or reflective in appearance as silver wire, making it easier on your eyes.

In case you need to refresh your memory, woven wire fences are fences made of wires that have been “woven” together horizontally and vertically to form a sort of crosshatch pattern. It’s extremely effective at keeping animals, both large and small, in - or out of - your property. It’s a perfect material for agricultural fencing, and black woven wire will make it even more appealing to many property owners.

Wood Is Out, Cheaper and Lower Maintenance Materials Are In

Wood makes a beautiful material for fencing, but there’s no denying that it requires a high level of maintenance. There are other materials out there for homeowners to choose from, like vinyl and chain link, which end up being much cheaper and easier to keep up in the long run.

That’s what homeowners are going to be looking for in 2023: inexpensive and easy to maintain. Many people are too busy to take the time to do all the upkeep that’s needed for a wood fence. And it’s a lot: cleaning once a year, staining once a year, repainting and touching up as needed. Homeowners often hire a professional to take care of these tasks for them, but in our inflated economy, they’re looking for ways to cut back on extra expenses.

In response to that, materials like chain link and vinyl are going to become much more popular in the coming year.

Unlike a wood fence, a chain link fence doesn’t need to be regularly cleaned. In fact, the only real maintenance you have to do on it is keep the grass underneath it trimmed and apply a rust-resistant treatment to it to keep the rust down.

Vinyl fences must be cleaned twice a year, but on the upside, they don’t require staining or painting. So, while they are more expensive than wood or chain link fences, they will look nicer longer - 20-30 years or more - with little effort.

Security Is a Bigger Concern Than Ever

Since homeowners’ interest in privacy is going up, you can bet that security will be a bigger concern than ever, as well. This is especially true in densely populated urban areas where crime rates are rising. When people don’t feel safe in their own homes, they’re going to take steps to increase their security, and that includes building a sturdier, taller fence.

Click here to read our blog post on security fencing and how it can help you and your loved ones feel safer.

DIY Fences Will Go Up, But So Will the Need for Repairs

With inflation rising and people’s wallets growing emptier, one industry expert from Baton Rouge expects that the demand for DIY fence kits will go up. But when it does, so will the need for repairs.

Why the correlation? It’s because when someone who has had no previous experience installing fences tries to do it for the first time, they often end up doing it wrong, no matter how detailed the kit instructions are. In their misguided efforts to save money, homeowners will probably end up spending a lot more than they bargained for, just to fix their mistakes.

That’s why, regardless of the expense, you should always call in a professional fence company to install or make repairs to your fence. If money is tight, you can always talk to them about using materials that are lower in cost, like chain link. Simply changing the type of fence can lower the price of a fence dramatically.

But there’s other things to consider, as well. If you invest now in a high quality, but low maintenance material like vinyl, then you’ll have a sturdy, aesthetically appealing fence that will last for decades. You’ll save lots of money on future repairs and replacements, which a wood fence or a chain link fence might require.

Contact your fence company to discuss which fencing options would be the most economical, both short-term and long-term.

Fence Shelving Will Be the Latest Outdoor Decorating Craze

Have you ever heard of fence shelving? It’s a trend that we expect to see a lot of interest in for 2023. With just a few inexpensive materials and the right tools, you can install shelves on your fence for displaying plants and small outdoor sculptures. It’s relatively simple to do; yet for such little effort, it adds a lot of visual interest and decorative potential to your yard. This could be the element your yard or garden needs to elevate it into chic modernity.

Demand For Agricultural and Property Fences Is Projected to Rise

Are you in need of an agricultural fence or fencing for your rural property? Then you may be facing some stiff competition in the marketplace.

According to a recent report, the fencing market in the southern US region is expected to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.8%. The reason for this growth is that, in recent months, there’s been an uptick in the number of property owners who are buying fencing materials to protect their livestock and their land.

What does this mean for you, the consumer? It means that the demand for fencing for agricultural purposes is rising. If you live in one of the southern states in the US, you may want to consider getting that fence you’ve been thinking about sooner rather than later.

ARK Fencing Will Be There for All Your Fence Needs In 2023

Which of these 8 fencing trends for 2023 are you most excited about? How will they influence your decision about installing or repairing your fence in the coming year?

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