September 26, 2022

What Is Security Fencing And How Does It Make Your Home Safer?

Are you looking to add a new fence to your home or update your current setup? If so, you may not realize that you have a major investment opportunity sitting right in your lap. Not only can you increase the value of your home with the right type of fencing, but you can also ensure your future security and your family’s personal privacy. What type of fence are we talking about? It’s called security fencing or privacy fencing.

Illustration of a stick figure family with hands above them forming the roof of a house representing security.

What Is Security Fencing?

Security fencing is a category of fence designed to prevent other people from coming into your yard uninvited or spying on you and your family. The goal is to protect your privacy as much as ensure your security, hence why it is also often referred to as privacy fencing.

Privacy fencing can come in several types, but the top two are vinyl fence and wood. However, what really sets them apart from other fencing like picket fences and chain link fences is their height. Fences that provide security and privacy are, at a minimum, six feet in height. Most of the time, they’re much taller, even up to eight feet!

Why Do You Need Security And Privacy Fencing?

There are seven great reasons to install security fencing.

1.  Makes It Harder For Trespassers To Come Onto Your Residential Property

The most important reason for installing a security fence is it makes it harder for trespassers to come onto your residential property. A tall fence that is whole and solid, with no gaps or ledges to use as hand and footholds, is difficult to climb over. For most would-be thieves, the upward challenge that a privacy fence poses is not worth the trouble.

2.  Keeps Your Neighbors From Spying On You

While we all like to think the best of our neighbors, there’s almost always at least one Nosy Nellie who tries to peek into your yard and see what you’re up to. Their reasons? Well, they could be bored or simply curious, but it’s best not to take your chances on that. No one ever really knows what someone’s intentions are when they spy on their neighbors, but you should never assume they have your best interests in mind.

Even if they are just being nosy, it’s not your job to satisfy someone else’s curiosity by making your private life their live entertainment. By installing a tall privacy fence, you’ll keep those neighbors with prying eyes from being able to spy on you and your family for good.

3.  Provides A Safe Space For Your Kids To Play

If you have kids, your property should be a safe space for them to live and play. Security fencing is the best way to create that space. It will protect them from all sorts of dangers including strangers, wild animals, and passing vehicles. It will also deter your little ones from running into the street or out of your line of sight.

4.  Keeps Your Outdoor Pets In Your Yard

For those homeowners who have dogs or other pets that they keep outdoors, a privacy fence will keep them safely in your yard. A fence that is six or eight feet high is more than tall enough to prevent even big dogs from trying to jump over it. It will keep your furry friends safe, as well as ensure that you won’t get into any trouble with your neighbors over your pet’s escape.

5.  Marks The Edge Of Your Property

Security fences, just like regular fences, are great for marking the edge of your property. This way, you and your neighbors can easily see the limits of your yard and avoid any disputes about mowing grass, trimming trees or bushes, or assuming responsibility for any other problems beyond the fence line.

6.  Increases The Value Of Your Home

A privacy fence is a wonderful financial investment for your home, particularly if you are thinking of selling it soon or plan to sell it in the distant future. Just by installing one, you can increase the value of your home by10-25%!

7.  Makes An Investment In Your Future Security

Installing a security or privacy fence on your property isn’t just an investment in your home’s value. It’s also an investment in your future security and the safety of your loved ones. You and your family will rest easy for years to come, knowing that you have a physical protective border that will keep intruders and other unwanted visitors off your property.

How To Choose The Best Security Fencing

Now that you know the reasons and benefits for getting security fencing and which types of privacy fences are best, it’s time to choose yours! But how do you choose the best security fencing for your needs? To make your decision easier, consider these factors.

Types Of Security And Privacy Fencing

There are certain types of fences which are more ideal for security fencing than others. For example, a chain link fence is not the best option if your goal is to keep intruders out. And it definitely won’t prevent people from looking through it at your property.

Below are two of the most popular types of security fencing we offer Indiana homeowners at ARK Fencing.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are ideal for residential owners who don’t want to spend a lot of time performing maintenance on their fences. They’re durable and will last many years without cracking or disintegrating, regardless of the weather. They also look better longer, their color doesn’t fade, and they don’t flake or splinter.

Wood Fence

Wood fences are the traditional choice for residential fencing. And for good reason! Wood is attractive when stained, sturdy, and can be waterproof as long as they’re properly treated.

It’s important to note that wood fences require some maintenance. They must be periodically re-stained and retreated to help them weather the elements. As long as you’re prepared for this, wood is a perfect choice for your security fence.

Security Needs

Think about your security needs. Do you want to keep a large pet or pets in your yard? Do you want to prevent people in your neighborhood from spying on you over or through your fence?

You may have just one need or many. Establish them and write them down as a list, and you’ll find deciding on the type and height of your security fencing becomes much simpler.


A security fence doesn’t have to be unattractive to do its job. On the contrary, at ARK Fencing, we provide beautiful vinyl and wood fences, available in a wide range of colors. All you have to do is decide which material and color best suits your home’s aesthetic. This is by far the most fun part of choosing fencing!


Durability is a big concern for many residential owners in Indiana. In this state, we have frosty winters followed by boiling summers. A security fence must be able to stand up to both extremes.

If durability is a big priority for you, talk to A.R.K. Fencing, your local Indiana fencing company, as we can recommend the material that best suits your needs.


Finally, when choosing security fencing, you must consider your budget. This is important because some types of privacy fencing are more expensive than others. For example, vinyl fences tend to be pricier than wood. Just remember that a high quality, attractive, and durable privacy fence is always worth the investment.

If you're feeling a little lost and worried that you'll make the wrong decision for your fencing, your best bet is to consult the fence experts - which is what we are! At A.R.K. Fencing, we will recommend the perfect fence that will soothe all your concerns, from budget to aesthetics.

Benefits Of Installing Security Fencing At Your Home

Once your security fencing is installed, it’s practically a guarantee that you’ll experience most of or all the following benefits.

More Security

The greatest benefit of security fencing by far is, of course, the added level of security. You’ll sleep peacefully at night knowing your property is surrounded by a tall, protective barrier.

Better Privacy

Remember that Nosy Nellie we talked about earlier? With a privacy fence, you can say goodbye to them at last! Neither your neighbors nor passersby will be able to spy on you once your security fencing is installed all around your property.

Improved Scenery

Not all of us are fortunate to live in a neighborhood with great views or a pretty street. For the latter homeowners, security fencing can act as a welcome buffer between them and their unattractive neighborhood.

Smart Security Investment

When you think of “security,” you probably think of cameras or maybe even a big dog that barks at strangers. These are wise safety measures, but security fencing should be your number one priority. That’s because it’s a simple yet effective deterrent to trespassers that doesn’t require any fancy technology to operate, or even (in most cases) much general maintenance. That’s why it’s such a smart investment of your time and money.

Better Peace Of Mind For You And Your Loved Ones

There is perhaps no greater benefit to having privacy fencing than the peace of mind you and your loved ones feel because of it. You won’t have to worry about your pets or your kids going outside and being watched, talked to, or harassed by strangers. While they safely enjoy the outdoors, you can relax knowing they are always protected.

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If, at the beginning of this article, you were asking yourself whether or not you need security fencing, you aren't wondering any longer. Right away, we listed seven common reasons why every homeowner can find safety, utility, and even curb appeal in a tall, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing privacy fence

The truth is that security fencing and privacy fencing is always an invaluable addition to your residential property. Not only will it increase the overall value of your home by a significant percentage, it will be more than worth the cost of installation and maintenance when you consider all the benefits it brings you.

Your decision to install security fencing is practically already made. All you need to do now is contact ARK Fencing. We're a trusted Indiana fence company with 17 years of experience working in the Tri-State Area, and we have all the fence expertise you need for your next project. Because we're based in Indiana, we know exactly how best to serve local residents in terms of budget and materials for fencing.

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